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Sustainable workforce development solutions

3-TECH design and deliver ‘on-location’ workforce development solutions offering an agile and sustainable way of training workers in remote or challenging environments.

We work closely with you to create bespoke training solutions in multiple languages to support local requirements and community.

Mobile, modular training centres developed and deployed by 3-TECH

Our mission

Leading the world in technology, training and construction expertise, 3-TECH is continually pushing the boundaries of innovation to solve industry’s challenges.

We provide agile and responsive, high-quality, safe learning environments to help clients develop local teams and a meaningful legacy. Available in modular format, our mobile units can be deployed to any challenging geographical area quickly.

Within these mobile centres local people will be able to gain invaluable, tailored skills for industry and employers will be able to source the skilled and competent workers they need.

3-TECH work to recognised training standards