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About us

3-TECH is a joint venture between the world's leading training and technology organisation, 3T Energy Group and the global energy sector life cycle provider, Kentech.

3T Energy Group - Transforming training with technology

3T Energy Group harness the power of technology to transform training and enhance performance, enabling people and companies in the global energy sector to work safer, smarter and more efficiently.

85,000 delegates trained each year
20,000 delegates trained on-site
1,200 simulators in use globally
3 territories operating sustainable solutions

Kentech - A global niche energy specialist

Kentech offers a range of highly specialised asset life-cycle services through three distinct service lines supported by its global Centre of Excellence (CoE).

Kentech employees walking towards an installation

Construction & hookup (CHU)

Onshore and offshore construction/hookup, stick build and modular

Kentech employee fixing a machine

Turnaround, maintenance and modifications (TMM)

Turnaround, maintenance, brownfield and modifications works
Preservation during large scaled construction

Kentech employees gathering around a report

Specialist technical solutions (STS)

Completions, commissioning and start-up support (multi-disipline)
Project management support and technical secondment
Interface management