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Rapidly set-up on-location training in remote or challenging environments

The core of our solution is mobile, modular and flexible training centres which can be rapidly deployed and tailored to meet your needs. Each training hub can offer instructor-led or technology-driven training including e-learn, v-learn and mobile simulators.

The centres are promoting sustainable development in remote and challenging environments providing access to professional world-recognised training standards, on-site instructors and continuous development.

Workers can refresh and test skills and knowledge, and up-skill quickly and effectively to develop an assured and compliant workforce.

A rendered image of 3-TECH's modular training units being built

A sustainable modularised solution

We will support you to set up on-site mobile training facilities with a four step approach.

1 - Accredited training programme tailored for you

We design an accredited training programme tailored to meet your exact skill-set requirements and maximise training efficiency.

2 - Delivery of modularised training units to any country or region

Modularised training units are set up on location, configured to your specific course programme to efficiently train the local workforce. This includes facilities for instructor led training and also technology driven learning such as VR and Simulation.

3 - Mobilisation of an expert training team to deliver training

Our expert training team are then rapidly mobilised to your location to start training. This includes 'train the trainer' programmes to provide sustainable knowledge transfer to the local workforce.

4 - Connected software and technology to manage full life-cycle

We then embed our platform of connected workforce management software and technology to help manage and track the full safety, compliance and competence life-cycle of the workforce.

Fully scalable modular training complex

Features can include

  • Classrooms
  • Briefing rooms
  • Safety passport learning centre
  • Working at height / rope access centre
  • Confined space centre
  • Rigging and lifting centre
  • Fabric maintenance centre
  • Mechanical / electrical centre
  • e-Learning suite
  • VR learning suite

Configurable set-up

The modularised units can be rapidly set-up and configured in the best way to match the space and environment you have.